Retro Beats

The best club music of all time brought by legendary deejays.

Combine that with a high-tech light and laser show and you know you’ll have a night to remember.

Great atmosphere guaranteed!


The minimum age Retro Beats is 16 years on the day of the party. There are no exceptions, even if you turn 16 the next day, or are accompanied by your parents. This is strictly controlled at the entrance.

Free flyering and posting is not possible. For advertising opportunities, mail to

Tickets are not refunded or exchanged, not even with an adjustment in the programming.
Upon entering the party you can be fouled, if you do not allow this you will be refused entry.
Pictures are made at the parties that can be used as promotion for the event.
There is zero tolerance on drug use or possession, offenders are reported to the police.

ticket problems

For ticket problems (like not finding your ticket e-mail), go to this link.